Saturday, May 20, 2006

Minimise menu bar problem

Under KDE you can minimise the Analysis window. However, it doesn't have an entry in KDE's list of windows (only spectra get this), so you can't maximise it again. Workround top.deiconify() in the shell...

Chains and LinkSequentialSpinSystemsPopup

LinkSequentialSpinSystemsPopup ddidn't report chains for residues if there is more than one chain in the MolSystem. It does now ;-)

However, I have only modified it so chains will show when there are multiple chains present...

Friday, May 12, 2006

A feature with backup

If you have auto backup on in analysis and the directory you backup to is missing. If you try to switch auto backup off it will ask you if you want to create the directory... if you then say no it will say the directory can't be created and so it is not setting up automatic backups... If you say yes and you are on the wrong computer of course it will fail to create the directory and throw an error.

conclusion it seems to be doing input validation at the wrong places and assuming all exits require validation

Strange ones

A couple of strange corners in the ccpn datamodel

  1. Project doesn't have a parent Object field
  2. there are isotopes and isotopecodes
    1. isotopes are objects
    2. isotope codes are fixed length strings of the form 1H 13C etc
  3. you can't get an isotopecode from an isotope and vice versa without coding...