Monday, June 26, 2006

what to do if an update fails

ccp analysis has a very nice update feature. However, if it fails you can get in a state where you can't start analysis to get the updates. So here are two simple cures (one is from Tim and uses a python interface, the second is just how to get to the update site with a web browser to pull down raw files).

To run the update agent without analysis running

  1. initialise you analysis environment so the ccpn root directory is set e.g. setenv
    CCPN_HOME ... in csh syntax or export CCPN_HOME='...' in sh syntax
  2. if need be setup you pythonpath to include the ccpn directories
  3. python $CCPN_HOME/python/ccpnmr/update/ and proceed as usual

to use a web browser...

  2. this directory will contain files of the form where would be Util for for example
  3. download save and install

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